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  • “Die Geister, die ich rief!” (The Ghosts that I Awoke); German Anti-Terror Law and Religious Extremism

    “German police have raided 300 mosques, searched 2000 offices and apartments, and interrogated thousands of Muslims- yet little evidence has been made public to suggest that these invasive measure have yielded any information relating to terrorist activities.” - Dr. Nadeem Elyas (Chair of the Zentralrat der Muslime in Germany) “If you keep prodding a hornets nest,… Read More

    Germany 2005
    Benjamin Harburg
  • Symbols as Political Weapons: Dansk Folkeparti’s Battle for Nostalgic Nationalism

    “National symbols are the embodiment of community, independent of class, social, political, or cultural differences.  They serve to define the boundaries of a state in relation to other states and impose limits (in defining a people) with respect to national minorities within a nation's borders.”  - Inge Adriansen, inspector at the Museum at Sonderborg Castle The… Read More

    Denmark 2003
  • Everything you wanted to know about ethnic entrepreneurship in the Bijlmer, but were afraid to ask

    Just across the railroad tracks from Holland’s fastest growing economic zone is one of the nation’s most visible failures in urban planning. The contrast between these two sections of southeast Amsterdam could not be clearer. On one side, tall modern office buildings along ArenA Boulevard are the home of thriving multinational corporations, and on the other side of the tracks, just… Read More

    Netherlands 2001
  • Who Are Denmark's Roma?

    A young Danish journalist and an American university student, both Humanity in Action Fellows, accompanied two Eastern European Roma on a walk in the Danish town of Elsinore. Trying to answer the question “who are Denmark’s Roma?” we took three trips to the city, conducting over a dozen interviews. The following essay is our attempt to piece together a complex puzzle.… Read More

    Denmark 2001
  • In Search of Humanity in Action

    What does it mean to act in defense of human rights and humanitarian ideals? How are we to know when and how to take action? In order to answer these questions, we can look to the experiences and words of Jørgen Kieler, a saboteur in the Danish resistance during the German occupation. Once, he was apprehended by a Danish police officer. Normally, he was to be handed over to the German… Read More

  • Atlanta and Berlin: The Cross Currents of Racism and Restorative Justice

    In December 2015, Judith S. Goldstein, Founder and Executive Director of Humanity in Action, gave a speech at the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Her speech explored the complicated histories of racism and violence in the American South and Germany. The speech marked the conclusion of the first year of the John Lewis Fellowship, a Humanity in… Read More

    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Housing in Detroit | The Kerner Report 50 Years Later

    This is a chapter from the Kerner Report: 50 Years Later, written collaboratively by 2018 Humanity in Action Fellows in Detroit.  The population of Detroit, at its peak in the mid-twentieth century, was nearly 2 million. Today, there are roughly 770,000 people, of which over half are renters.[1]Much of this decline in population was aided by racially-motivated federal and state policies… Read More

  • Humanity in Action: Collected Essays and Talks: Jan Karski and Stefan Zweig Audio

    Published in 2014, Humanity in Action: Collected Essays and Talks is an anthology of written works by Judith S. Goldstein, the founder and executive director of Humanity in Action. "Jan Karski and Stefan Zweig" was a talk delivered at the Fourth Annual Humanity in Action International Conference at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, Poland, on June… Read More

    Warsaw, Poland
  • Judith Goldstein's Remarks at the Opening of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw

    Warsaw Speech, April 21, 2013 I must admit that it is a humbling and daunting experience to be part of this distinguished panel, in this new, stunning institution dedicated to the History of the Polish Jewish people and at this time, as we are together to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. In this place, one feels ever closer to the tragic and ever-unfathomable… Read More

    United States
  • On Antisemitism

    December 27, 2015 – Warsaw The appalling rise of violent antisemitism in Europe in this century is by now a well-established fact. We also know its main features: it largely draws on well-springs of hatred in the Muslim communities, including both citizens and migrants, which derives in turn from their mainly religious reading of the Arab-Israeli conflict. This partially explains the… Read More

    Warsaw, Poland