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Wroclaw Helps Refugees: A Fundraiser to Help Syrian Refugees in Slovenian Camps

Project Overview

Jan's NGO, Cukunft Association, organized a fundraiser to raise money and collect winter clothes and medication for refugees in Slovenia.

Identifying the Problem

Jan noticed that the curret refugee crisis in Europe is plagued with negative perceptions. Many people vilify the refugees and don't want to allow them to enter the country - much less help them once they're living in refugee camps. Jan wanted to give people the opportunity to understand the refugees' backgrounds and struggle, and decided to create an event that would also address their needs. The refugees in temporary camps in Slovenia must endure a lack of sleeping bags, medication, basic hygienic necessities and, most of all, financial resources. Jan describes the refugee camps as being "favela-like" and appalling. 

Creating A Solution

Jan organized The Tzedakah Day, a fundraiser following the principles of Jewish charity, during which we sold food, books, and other items donated by the members of Wroclaw's non-profts and its citizens. He collected winter clothes, non-perishable food, and basic hygiene needs. For this fair, Jan needed a venue, goods, and food to sell during the fair. He contacted several companies that sell the items he was seeking and sold food made by volunteers and fair-trade food vendors. He created fliers and posters to promote the event, as well as promoted the event on social media. Following the event, Jan packaged the necessities and sent them to Solvenia.

Lessons Learned

Jan encountered difficulty in publicizing the event in local press, to which he would recommend starting early and making partnership with as many organizations as possible! He says one cannot begin planning early enough for any event or project you may be undertaking. In planning for the next Tzedakah Day, Jan is holding an open forum with contributors to discuss the conditions in the camps and setting a date for the next fair. 

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