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Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Reports

The authors of the reports below represent the 2015 Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Fellowship, a group of Humanity in Action Fellows and Senior Fellows who have completed their undergraduate studies and are currently enrolled in graduate programs or are working professionals. Humanity in Action designed this fellowship to explore social change and economic development through the lenses of philanthropy and entrepreneurship in Detroit and New York.

This selection of research essays span a wide range of subjects as they relate to philanthropy and social enterprise: Resettled refugees, geriatric healthcare, sustainable food systems, giving in Latino organizations, and the tech industry.


Research Reports

"Atlanta: Resettled Refugees and the American South"
Jasmine Burton

"Aligning Incentives: Funding Care for Our Most Vulnerable Elders"
Alexandria Margolis

"Growing Equity: Philanthropy, Government and Social Enterprise in Minnesota's Sustainable Food System"
Terin Mayer

"Helping Our New Neighbors: Volunteering and Philanthropic Giving in Latino Organizations"
Fabiana Perera

"City in Flux: The Impact of San Francisco's Tech Industry on Local Communities and the Non-Profit Organizations that Serve Them"
Susannah Shattuck


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