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Civil Society and the Holocaust: International Perspectives on Resistance and Rescue

Before, during and after the Holocaust, European societies dealt with knowledge of the Nazi persecution of Jews in very different ways. In some countries, civil society rose up to protect vulnerable minorities. In others, civil society fell silent. Understanding the differences remains a critical challenge.

In this anthology, distinguished journalists and scholars explore the actions and inactions of different groups in Europe and the United States during the nightmare of the Holocaust. The authors uncover a set of complex dynamics in each national context – not a black and white binary. Published on the 70th anniversary of the flight and rescue of Danish Jewry in October 1943, this book raises important questions about individual and collective responsibility and the protection of minorities in liberal democracies – past and present.

In 2013, Humanity in Action Denmark held a conference in Copenhagen to mark the 70th anniversary of the flight and rescue of Danish Jewry. This book was published in association with the “October 1943” conference. The anthology is also available in Danish.  

Editors: Cecilia Felicia Stockholm Banke and Anders Jerichow
Contributors: Sofie Lene Bak, Cecilie Felicia Stockholm Banke, Richard Breitman, Konstanty Gebert, Anthony Georgieff, Karin Kvist Geverts, Ulrich Herbert, Anders Jerichow, Ronald Leopold, Bob Moore, Oula Silvennoinen, Annette Wieviorka
Translator: Paul Larkin
Editors for the English edition: Judith S. Goldstein and Anthony Chase

Publisher's information:
ISBN 978-0-615-88248-2
Copyright © 2013 by Humanity in Action, Inc. and authors.


Book Contents

Judith S. Goldstein

Cecilia Felicia Stockholm Banke and Anders Jerichow 

"Copenhagen: Bright Hope and Deep Gloom - A New View of the 1943 Rescue Operation in Denmark"
Sofie Lene Bak

"Warsaw: The Guilt of Indifference"
Konstanty Gebert

"Sofia: Double-faced Bulgaria"
Anthony Georgieff

"Berlin: The Persecution of Jews and German Society"
Ulrich Herbert

"Paris: A Family under German Occupation"
Annette Wieviorka

"Washington: Focusing on Winning the War"
Richard Breitman

"London: The Holocaust, War and Occupation in Western Europe"
Bob Moore

"Amsterdam: Heroes, Villains and Many Shades of Gray"
Ronald Leopold

"Stockholm: Antisemitism, Ambivalence and Action"
Karin Kvist Geverts

"Helsinki: On the Brink - Finland and the Holocaust Era"
Oula Silvennoinen

"Oslo: The Escape of Norway"
Irene Levin

"Copenhagen: Refugees and Rescue: The Ambivalence of Danish Holocaust History"
Cecilie Felicia Stockholm Banke

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