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Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity

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Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity is a collection of essays from the 2014 Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship. Recognizing the intensification of transnational conflicts that both violently divide and intimately link our global communities, Humanity in Action designed this fellowship to tackle international relations and global diversity and to train young scholars who aspire to careers in foreign policy.

The authors of this volume represent the inaugural year of the Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship, an international group of advanced graduate students who convened in Washington, Paris and Brussels in 2014 to study issues of international relations and global diversity.

This selection of research essays spans a wide range of subjects: humanitarian intervention in Libya, sexuality-based asylum in the European Union, Qatar’s diplomatic and investment strategies, the growing divide between Russia and the West, ecological approaches to international relations and more. 

Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity is available for purchase on Amazon. Humanity in Action provides the individual research essays free of charge in the Knowledge & Action section of its website.

Publisher's information: 
Humanity in Action Press
ISBN 978-0-615-98755-2
Copyright © 2015 by Humanity in Action, Inc. and authors
$15.00 USD.


Table of Contents

Judith S. Goldstein and Anthony Chase

Diversity & Inclusion

"A Theoretical Approach to Demographic Diversity in the Diplomatic Service: A Study of the U.S. Foreign Service" 
Jessica Wamala

"Judicial Diversity in North American and European Asylum Court Systems: A Literature Review"
Ava Morgenstern

"(In)credibly Queer: Sexuality-based Asylum in the European Union"
Johannes Lukas Gartner

Human Rights & Democracy

"Human Rights Diplomacy Amidst 'World War LGBT'"
Kyle James Rohrich

"Uncomfortable Bedfellows: Why Human Rights and Democracy Promotion Are Better Off Separate"
Bastiaan Bouwman

International Relations Theory & Doctrine

"Responsibility to Protect at a Crossroads: The Crisis in Libya"
Giselle Lopez

"For a Postcolonial Ecocritical Approach to International Relations"
Jake Robert Nelson

Business, Technology & Development

"Information and Communications Technologies for Development: The Case of Women in Colombia"
Jessie Landerman

"Your Phone, Coltan and the Business Case for Innovative Sustainable Alternatives"
Daphné Joseph-Gabriel

"Buying Security: Qatar and Qatar Holding"
Fabiana Sofia Perera

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