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Charity Carnival for North Korean Orphans

Project Overview

At a Thanksgiving charity carnival, K-12 students donated thousands of school supplies to a school for North Korean orphans.

Identifying the Problem

Soon after moving to Korea, Allen began working with North Korean human rights organizations and volunteers. Through his contacts, he received word that a new school for North Korean orphans – the Mulmangcho School, or “Dream Makers for North Korea” – had just opened. However, the school was in desperate need of supplies and donations. Allen wanted to come up with a fun and effective fundraising method that would involve the students at his own school, the Asia Pacific International School.

Creating A Solution

Allen first worked with administrators at the Mulmangcho School to identify its specific needs. He then pitched the idea for a charity carnival to his own school's administrators as well as the student government group that he advises. Once everyone was on board with the idea, Allen supervised the planning of the carnival, which was to take place the day before Thanksgiving. The carnival was a massive success, and resulted in the donation of hundreds of books to start an English and Korean library, as well as thousands of notebooks, pens, pencils, art supplies and other materials for the Mulmangcho School. Allen estimates that the carnival raised $1,500 worth of school supplies.

Lessons Learned

Allen was pleasantly surprised by the willingness of students to volunteer and donate books and school supplies to the less fortunate. For anyone considering organizing a similar charity carnival, he suggests planning such an event around a specific holiday, such as Thanksgiving. “It will get more people interested in celebrating, and you will likely get more volunteers,” he says.

Get Involved!

In addition to the one-time charity carnival, there is weekly tutoring at the Mulmangcho School. Allen has helped to organize and recruit volunteers to teach English, math, art and other courses at the school. Please visit the Mulmangcho School Facebook group for more information on what you can do to participate. The Facebook group also includes a Google spreadsheet that allows interested volunteers can sign up to donate their time, skills and positive energy.


There were many components to this charity carnival, from booths to space to volunteers. By working with his school and with students, Allen was able to organize the carnival with minimal cost by renting or constructing most of the necessary materials. 

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