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Segregated vs. Integrated Schools in Bosnia-Herzegovina: A Simulation for Use in Youth and Adult Education

The simulation is centered around the issue of two schools under one roof, which was intended as a temporary solution for post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina. However, almost 20 years after the war, this policy is still in place and is not being tackled sufficiently by the major political stakeholders.

The scenario is set in the fictitious town of Dever on the Croatian-Bosnian border, which adopted the policy of two schools under one roof. In these schools Bosniak and Croat children attend classes in separate shifts. A football match caused unrest on the schoolyard during which several students were injured. Therefore the regional government has called for a roundtable discussion in order to determine the school's future. The government is willing to reconsider its policies and is interested in discussing options that will put an end to violence. The views range from full  integration to complete segregation.


The aim of the roundtable discussion is an agreement concerning the future of the school in Dever, which will probably hold precedent over the future of schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The educational objectives of the simulation are:

  • to introduce the complexity created in an ethnically diverse society;
  • highlight the dynamics of using ethnic identities as political tools to strengthen ethnic tensions and hinder reconciliation.


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