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Preventive Detention: A Simulation for Use in Youth and Adult Education

This game addresses the topic of preventive detention, a form of secure custody used to hold prison inmates beyond the original sentence imposed by a judge. The practice is most often targeted at convicted sex offenders and violent criminals. Upon reaching the end of one’s sentence, a prisoner appears before a judge who, often based on psychiatric evidence about the prisoner’s status, may rule that an offender is likely to re-offend upon release into society.

The simulation game is set in a fictitious country called Teutony (based on the framework of Germany). The scenario is set up as a committee meeting of Parliament. The committee is charged with developing an official parliamentary response to the issue of preventive detention within Teutony.


  • Convey factual knowledge about the conflict/dilemma of the human rights of convicted prisoners who have already completed their sentence but remain in prison versus the right of citizens to personal security;
  • Exploring codified human rights related to the case;
  • Gain knowledge about the process and dynamics of political conflicts; and
  • Develop negotiation skills, encourage compromise and promote strategic thinking.

Total playing time including preparation and debriefing: 4 hours


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