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Business Ethics in a Globalised Economy: A Simulation for Use in Youth and Adult Education

This simulation focuses on business ethics and corporate social responsibility in a globalized economy. The negotiation-based game addresses a fictitious situation: Visual Limited, an electronic devices company, received negative publicity due to an explosion that took place in its supplier factory in China. NGOs and labor organizations claim that there have been serious violations of basic human and labor rights. In order to prevent these incidents from impacting sales, Visual Limited decided to organize a high-level roundtable discussion with different interest groups, including its critics. A joint statement on the overall policy of the company Visual Limited, regarding working conditions in its factories for press release is to be drafted as the outcome of the session.

Although the scenario is fictitious, elements of working conditions and labor regulations are based on existing law and real cases.


  • Raise awareness about business ethics in a globalized economy;
  • Raise awareness about unfair labor practices, unequal wage distribution and inhumane working conditions;
  • Gain knowledge about labor law regulations and protection instruments; and
  • Develop negotiation skills, encourage compromise, and promote coalition building.

Total playing time including preparation and debriefing: 4 hours


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