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Just People: A Quest for Social Souls with Independent Minds

HIA has partnered with the acclaimed Dutch filmmaker Annegriet Wietsma to produce the organization's first film—one that would reach a large audience and share HIA educational concerns, messages and goals.

Just People"Just People: A Quest for Social Souls with Independent Minds" is Wietsma's filmic essay. It explores the challenges and complexities of being an independent individual while cooperating in a social group—how not to be a bystander, how to dare to stand out from the crowd. After the Holocaust, postwar generations have asked themselves: What would I have done, living there and then? The film reframes the haunting question and looks for answers in the present rather than in the past: How do I behave today, now and here, in a group, and as an individual?

"Just People is a great film," says the journalist Michael Soussan. "Enlightening, artistically rendered for maximum thematic impact - a game changer in the field of historical documentaries.  A documentary that challenges the audiences to be more than passive witnesses. This work has a lot to give its audiences and is of enormous relevance."

To request a free copy of the film for educational use or a media kit, click here.


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