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How to Fix Democracy with Tzipi Livni

Video | June 2019

Tzipi Livni talks about the current state of politics in Israel, what she thinks is essential for political parties to contribute to the strength of democracy, and how supporters of liberal democracy around the world can band together to defend it.

How to Fix Democracy with Madeleine Albright

Video | May 2019

From Kansas City, where she was holding the Aspen Ministers Forum in May 2019, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright spoke with Andrew Keen about why her first president, Harry Truman, was such an inspiration to her.

Vlog against Hate Speech with 7 Meters Under

Video | May 2019

Humanity in Action Poland joined forces with Rafał Gębura, a YouTuber and creator of 7 Meters Under, to release a video on how hate speech wreaks havoc in society, from the perspective of a Muslim woman and a gay man in Poland.

How to Fix Democracy with Earl Lewis

Video | April 2019

Earl Lewis

Dr. Earl Lewis speaks on the four main challenges to American democracy and what brings him hope.

Tech & Society: Building Digital Capacity in Government

Video | April 2019

Nicole Chi

This Tech & Society webinar aimed to help the Humanity in Action community learn more about the government technology space and the potential for technology to improve the way government delivers important services.

How to Fix Democracy with Ivan Krastev

Video | April 2019

How to Fix Democracy Washington Symposium

Video | April 2019

Judith Goldstein

At the Bertelsmann Foundation's Washington Symposium in April, 2019, we asked leaders from business, politics, and culture to respond to the question: “How do we fix democracy?” These are their answers.

How to Fix Democracy with Ambassador Norman Eisen

Video | March 2019

From Prague, where he served as Ambassador from the United States, Norman Eisen discusses the ups and downs of democracy in the Czech city over the course of the 20th century.