Kennis delen is cruciaal voor onze missie. Blader door werk en wijsheid van onze organisatie en community.

Cities as the Forerunners of the 21st Century: An Interview with Benjamin Barber

Article | The Netherlands | October 2016

Thijs van Lindert

Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement: Reflections on the Long Movement for Black Liberation from Atlanta to Amsterdam

Article | The Netherlands | October 2016

Mitchell Esajas

Ready for Battle

Article | The Netherlands | October 2016

Berna Keskindemir

Martin Luther King Day 2015

Video | The Netherlands | July 2015

Nawal Mustafa, Sarah Asmelash

Humanity in Action Senior Fellows Nawal Mustafa and Sarah Asmelash partnered with Humanity in Action Netherlands in 2013 to create an annual event that not only commemorated the legacy of Dr. King, but also encouraged future activism in society’s most challenging issues.

Martin Luther King Day 2015
Uncomfortable Bedfellows: Why Human Rights and Democracy Promotion Are Better Off Separate

Article | The Netherlands | February 2015

Bastiaan Bouwman

Geert Spreekt Niet Voor Mij ("Geert Does Not Speak For Me")

Video | The Netherlands | July 2014

Spencer Heijnen

Senior Fellow Spencer and his team developed wristbands with the text “Geert Spreekt Niet Voor Mij.” to extend the message of solidarity and non-discrimination in The Netherlands.

Geert Does Not Speak For Me
Decent Housekeeping

Video | The Netherlands | July 2010

Sigal Liberman, Floortje Anna de Jong, Ayla Murad

Decent Housekeeping aims to improve the working conditions of domestic workers in the Netherlands by raising awareness among employers.

Decent Housekeeping
Not My Cup of Tea

Article | The Netherlands

Anna van den Bergh