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Athens Study Trip: Human Rights, Diversity and Civic Engagement in Greece

Exploring the contemporary dynamics and discourses of Greek society and the influence of the economic crisis on Greek political life and social affairs.

This program focused on human rights, democracy and diversity as well as on civic engagement in Greek society and discourse following the economic crisis. It took place in Athens from October 4 – 11, 2015.

Participants in this one-week study trip explored the impact of the economic crisis on Greek society as well as on minority and marginalized groups such as immigrants, refugees, Roma or members of the LGBT community. The program created an international learning experience and a platform for constructive exchange and dialogue. It included a mix of lectures, discussions and meetings with civil society leaders as well as skills-building workshops. Participants learned from academics, practitioners and activists and from each other in a forward looking and respectful learning environment. Through this study trip, Humanity in Action provided an environment of networking and skills building for young professionals seeking to address social issues in their home communities.

Humanity in Action selected a total of 30 individuals to participate in the program. Fifteen participants were recruited from Greece. Fifteen participants were selected from within the Humanity in Action community of Fellows and Senior Fellows. Fellows and Senior Fellows from all years and countries were eligible to apply.

This project was generously supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Program Schedule

Study Trip Participants

Adeola Aderemi

Greece | Senior Fellow (John Lewis Fellowship 2018)

Sara Asmelash

The Netherlands | Senior Fellow (Amsterdam Fellowship 2014)

Vasiliki Bathrelou


Samir Beharić

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Senior Fellow (Copenhagen 2015)

Ndeye Diobaye


2014 Paris Fellowship

Vlasios Benetos

Greece | Senior Fellow (Berlin Fellowship 2016)

Iliana Bompou


Megan Carroll

United States | Senior Fellow (Berlin Fellowship 2002)

Eirini Christidou


Vasileios Christogiorgos


Aisha Fukushima

United States | Senior Fellow (Amsterdam Fellowship 2007)

Alex Hackford

United States | Senior Fellow (Copenhagen Fellowship 1999)

Sanne Hettema

The Netherlands | Senior Fellow (New York Fellowship 2009)

Chrysoula Iliopoulou


Margarita Iliopoulou


Digant Kapoor

Kuwait | Senior Fellow (Amsterdam Fellowship 2012)

Konstantinos Kogkakis


Alezini-Eirini Loxa


Leticia Mora

United States | Senior Fellow (Amsterdam Fellowship 2013)

Theodora Oikonomidi


Panourgias Papaioannou

Greece | Senior Fellow (Berlin Fellowship 2017)

Jarmila Rybicka

Poland | Senior Fellow (Warsaw Fellowship 2014)

Pinar Sayan

Turkey | Senior Fellow (Copenhagen Fellowship 2013)

Hans Schepers

The Netherlands | Senior Fellow (Amsterdam Fellowship 2012)

Francis Seeck

Germany | Senior Fellow (Warsaw Fellowship 2010)

Arne Semsrott

Germany | Senior Fellow (Warsaw Fellowship 2014)

Eda Elif Tibet

Turkey | Senior Fellow (Copenhagen Fellowship 2012)

Chrysoula Titi


Niki Zianika


Our Supporters

This project was generously supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and the Germeshausen Foundation.