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Senior Fellow Community

The Senior Fellow community is the heart of the Humanity in Action alumni network.

Once our Fellows have completed their Fellowship program and conducted an Action Project in their own community, they are invited to join the international Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Community. Our over 2,500 Fellows and Senior Fellows work around the world, across many different industries including government, journalism, medicine, law, education, the arts, business and grassroots action. More Senior Fellows than not stay engaged with Humanity in Action and support one another.

After their year of study and action, our Fellows are invited to become Senior Fellows in the Humanity in Action network. The initial Fellowship program is only the opening phase of a long-term commitment to the values around Humanity in Action and involvement in the activities of our international Senior Fellow community.

Over 2,500 individuals with diverse identities, visions, backgrounds, and competences form an inspiring, empathic and resourceful community.

As Senior Fellows, our alumni have access to

  • each other;
  • tailored networking opportunities such as local Senior Fellow meetings and access to HIA Connect, our community-wide intraweb;
  • educational opportunities such as international conferences, study trips and workshops on a range of topics such as migration to Europe or social entrepreneurship in Detroit;
  • professional opportunities including internship programs at the European Parliament, the US Congress and non-profit organizations;
  • and civic and entrepreneurial opportunities like our grant competitions that are designed to allow our alumni to translate their ideas for civic action into reality.

Senior Fellow Opportunities

Based on our belief in life-long learning and civic engagement, we create a wide range of educational, career and grants opportunities to support the personal and professional growth of our Senior Fellows.

Words about our Community

Our Senior Fellow Leadership Council

The Humanity in Action Senior Fellows Leadership Council consists of 13 Senior Fellows who strengthen intergenerational connections within our community.

“I support Humanity in Action because Humanity in Action supported me. It offered me a community of like-minded humanists when I didn’t have one, encouraged me to pursue my passion for social justice when others were trying to persuade me to abandon it, and accepted and loved me when I wasn’t even sure how to do that myself.”


Danielle Goonan (2009 New York Fellowship)

2020 Senior Fellow Giving Campaign

We are stunned by the immense generosity of our Senior Fellow community this past year. In a year filled with critical human rights issues and countless important causes to amplify, we are honored that so many of you decided Humanity in Action’s work is among those you chose to support. Donations came pouring across the globe, oftentimes alongside a fond memory, a life update, or warm words of gratitude.

Each year we are encouraged by the breadth of our community and their commitment to human rights, pluralism, and democracy. With your help, we raised $31,610, which will go towards future programming. 

Thank you, Senior Fellows!