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The Warsaw Fellowship


The Humanity in Action journey begins with a year-long Fellowship

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June 3 – 24, 2020
Placing Poland’s human rights realities today into the context of its history-from World War II to the Cold War to today

Due to its near complete ethnic and religious homogeneity—a consequence of World War II and the Holocaust—Polish society lacks exposure to the “other.” With the recent influx of migrants and refugees into Europe, populist and xenophobic forces are gaining power. As a result, Poland, once lauded for following the non-violent “Solidarity” movement into democracy, is backsliding toward illiberalism.

The Humanity in Action Warsaw Fellowship examines this unfolding systemic crisis, focusing in particular on hate speech and other human and minority rights challenges in Poland. The Fellowship looks at diversity in an era of growing polarization and radicalism—and offers an opportunity to engage in activism and do good while learning from the bravest and most innovative changemakers in Poland.

A Snapshot of the Fellowship

After the month in Warsaw, our Fellows develop impactful Action Projects in their own communities.

For the eleven months following their time in Warsaw, Fellows work on their Action Project: an independent venture focused on promoting democratic values in their own communities. Action Projects are as diverse as Humanity in Action Fellows. Fellows apply their new knowledge and perspectives to the communities they impact—in whatever format they find meaningful. Past Action projects have been documentaries, arts festivals, and new organizations that serve a public good. Planning for the Action Project begins during the study portion of the Fellowship, through workshops and collaborative discussion.

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Every year, new Humanity in Action Fellows come together in six cities across Europe and the United States to study how and why people confront intolerance and protect democratic values.

01 Year duration

06 Cities

135 Fellows per year