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The Amsterdam Fellowship


The Humanity in Action Fellowship begins with a four-week program in Amsterdam

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June 3 – 24, 2020 (Virtual)
Placing the Netherlands human rights realities today into the context of its colonial history and the Holocaust

The Netherlands has a reputation for being liberal and tolerant: a model nation for the protection of minority rights. The Humanity in Action Fellowship in Amsterdam offers an opportunity to consider where that reputation is deserved and where there is deeper work to do. Fellows look at the nation’s history—the Second World War and the Holocaust, as well as Dutch colonialism and slavery—to understand how democracy breaks down when minority groups are denied rights.

Amsterdam and Rotterdam are the backdrops for this exploration of Dutch histories. The Hague, as an international city of Peace and Justice, offers unique opportunities to connect national to global dynamics. Home to a very diverse population, the Netherlands is a fascinating and complex case study in identity construction in a liberal pluralistic Western democracy.

The impact of the Fellowship

After the month in Amsterdam, our Fellows are tasked with developing impactful Action Projects in their own communities.

Upon completing the four-week Fellowship, Fellows work on their Action Project: an independent venture focused on promoting democratic values in their own communities.

Action Projects are as diverse as Humanity in Action Fellows. Fellows apply their new knowledge and perspectives to the communities they impact—in whatever format they find meaningful. Past Action projects have been documentaries, arts festivals, and new organizations that serve a public good.

Planning for the Action Project begins during the study portion of the Fellowship, through workshops and collaborative discussion. An Action Project is a part-time commitment—Fellows return to their work or studies at the end of the first month of the Fellowship.

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Our Fellowship supporters in 2020

We thank our donors, Senior Fellows, partners, host families, friends and volunteers for their involvement and crucial contributions to our work.

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Stichting Maatschappij tot Nut van 't Algemeen, Departement Amsterdam

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