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PAX Power to the People x HIA TALKS | Activism: Profession, hobby or lifestyle?


Activism is protest, but it is so much more. What exactly does activism mean? Is it a job? A conviction? Full-time activism is mentally hard to sustain and, therefore only available to few. But does that mean that you can’t make a difference if you can’t do it 24/7? No!

During this program, in collaboration with, PAX POWER TO THE PEOPLE we will talk with a diverse group of inspiring ‘change-makers’ about all the different ways in which you can be an activist. How do you unleash a micro-revolution? How do small acts of resistance ultimately contribute to system change? And how do you make sure that you don’t succumb to your activism?

Senior Fellow Mitchell Esajas, who in ten years has become one of the most impactful anti-racism activists in the Netherlands, opens the evening. In a personal story, he looks back on the path he has taken and what lessons he has learned to pass on to the next generation.

With a.o. Senior Fellow Hanane Abouellotfi (John Lewis Fellowship Associate Director) and theater maker Jelle Zijlstra. Journalist Hasna el Maroudi presents the program.

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