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About the Teacher Seminar

Preparing Teachers for Increasingly Diverse Danish Classrooms.

Humanity in Action Denmark, in the spirit of our Copenhagen Fellowship, offers the Teacher Seminar opportunity to student teachers, new teachers as well as experienced teachers. The aim is give teachers tools and knowledge to bring human rights and inclusive values into the classroom.

With this project, Humanity in Action Denmark hopes to instil a desire for active and responsible citizenship in students of all ages.

Classrooms across Denmark are increasingly diverse and therefore, Humanity in Action Denmark seeks to train generations of teachers to embrace their classrooms with empathy, cultural sensitivity, and tools to reach all students.

The Teaching Academy focuses on enhancing the teachers’ ability to teach and inspire school students to become active and committed citizens.

“We were eight teacher students who did not hesitate to become part of the Humanity in Action’s four-day Teachers’ Academy during the autumn holidays. I see myself as an embracing and inclusive person trying to meet others where they are but I found out that I had hidden and forgotten some shadows of prejudice. It was amazing liberating to bring them up and realize they were there. Because only then can they disappear. As future teachers, it is also important that we take care of the prejudices we might unconsciously carry around in order to meet and strengthen the diverse classroom. Our journey into diversity took us on tour with the Institute for Human Rights, Sabaah, Danish Institute for Study Abroad, DareGender, KPH Projects and the Border Association’s cultural ambassadors. One thing is certain, if all teachers came by a Humanity in Actions Teaching Academy, then I have no doubt that the knowledge of human rights in schools would greatly increased because teachers would be ready to teach using the principles and discoveries of human rights.”


Charlotte Adams (2017 Teaching Academy)
Teacher Student at UCC Bornholm [/perfectpullquote]