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Promoting human rights, diversity and active citizenship in Denmark and beyond.

Humanity in Action Denmark works to create an inclusive society in Denmark based on human rights. We do this by developing and offering targeted educational programs that focus on human and minority rights and by growing and nourishing a network of passionate young people who take civic responsibility in realizing an inclusive society.

Humanity in Action Denmark is a non-profit organization that aims to educate, inspire and connect a global network of students and young professionals who are committed to promoting human rights, diversity and active citizenship in their own communities and around the world. Humanity in Action Denmark was founded as an association in 2003 but has arranged transatlantic education programs since 1997.

We support a network of more than 200 Danish Senior Fellows and host frequent roundtables, conferences, workshops, and special lectures for the Humanity in Action community and the broader public.

  • Humanity in Action Denmark’s most important activity is the annual Summer Academy, the Humanity in Action Copenhagen Fellowship, which has been held annually since 1999. It has gathered Danish, French, German, Greek, Bosnian and American students (Fellows) to discuss human rights and minority concerns in the Danish context.

Humanity in Action Denmark also arranges year-round projects and events related to human and minority rights.

  • Our projects involve national as well as international conferences, debates, seminars and cultural events with contributions from a wide range of international personalities.
  • In addition, Humanity in Action Denmark annually publishes books, develops educational programs for Danish Youth, offers study tours and arranges visits by young human rights activists from all over the world.

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