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We foster democratic awareness and build bridges among communities through international educational programs for emerging leaders who share a strong commitment to social equity in their own communities, and beyond.

Humanity in Action Denmark is an essential part of a collaborative, international learning community of university students and young professionals in Europe and the United States. We are committed to democracy, pluralism, social justice and human rights, particularly in Denmark and the transatlantic context. We promote these values through education and forms of civil engagement shaped by the specific historical and cultural contexts of Denmark and our partner organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the United States. As a small but international organization, we connect carefully selected young leaders of diverse backgrounds and identities to support them in acting socially responsibly through understanding other social groups’ perspectives.

We think about the big questions in life and society – like social responsibility, values, universal rights and empathy for those we disagree with.

We develop Fellowships, study trips, seminars, workshops and conferences that challenge contemporary master narratives by looking deeply into some of the histories behind contemporary Danish news headlines. Together with experts from academia, activism, the arts, journalism, politics and the business world, our Fellows and Senior Fellows discuss critical social justice issues in Denmark. The topics that keep us busy are identity, human rights, social justice, immigration and diversity. For years we have created and nourished a community culture that is collaborative, intensive, caring, open to vulnerability, interdisciplinary, opinionated, eclectic, international and fun.

We care deeply about history and constantly compare the past to the present to learn for the future.

The personal and intensive exchange through our programs and our Fellows’ development of independent civil society initiatives, Action Projects, set the path to an active alumni network: The international Humanity in Action Senior Fellow community. In supporting our Fellows and Senior Fellows in further developing civil engagement and taking over societal responsibility, the international Humanity in Action network is as decisive resource for the implementation of independent projects and initiatives.

Our History

Humanity in Action Denmark has hosted transatlantic educational programs since 1997. These programs have centered on the history of the Holocaust and the exceptional case of the rescue of the Danish Jews, and were created in cooperation with Herbert Pundik, former editor-in-chief of Danish daily Politiken and former chairman of Humanity in Action Denmark as well as Judith Goldstein, executive director of Humanity in Action. The programs have evolved into the annual Copenhagen Fellowship program, which explores human rights, diversity and issues pertaining to relationships between majorities and minorities in Denmark and our other programs.

Humanity in Action beyond Denmark

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