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Our Fellows are some of the most talented university students from their countries, with fierce community engagement, global outlook, and a willingness and ability to turn words into action. Each year they come to Copenhagen to participate in Humanity in Actions Summer Academy.

It is inspiring to get to know young and dedicated people.

“We are a family of five with two boys who are 11 and 13 and a girl who is 16. The last couple of years we have had young students from Humanity in Action living with us and it has been a great success. It puts an ordinary family life into perspective to hear how other young people have grown up, and it always adds something good when there is another language ​​involved. As a host family, it is also inspiring to teach young people who are engaged to getting to know and follow Humanity in Actions programs. It contributes with one extra dimension in this year’s brightest month for everyone children as well as adults”.

– Caroline Melchior, host in 2016

Host Family Flyer (Danish)

Are you interested in hosting a Fellow?

Are you one of the curious who wants to give young people an experience for life? Humanity in Action is looking for hospitable people who will host a foreign student for a month.

As a host family for a Humanity in Action Fellow you get a global perspective on everyday life, access to an international network of ambitious young people and professionals, and a friend for life. It is the obvious opportunity for anyone who goes with a desire to put an imprint on their community – both at home and abroad.

As a host family one must be able to offer the students their own room. Humanity in Action pays meals and transport during the program. In the weekdays, Fellows are admitted between 9-18. In addition to this, the role of Humanity in Action host family is flexible.

To learn more, please call us at 30 24 97 76 or email us at