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What's it Like for You Over There?


Brain drain is a trend in BiH society that has reached its peak in the last decade, due to the poor political and economic situation in the country, high unemployment and lack of opportunities and conditions for living standards, which are provided to our young people in the countries of the European Union. Young, educated Bosnians and Herzegovinians find their place under the sun mostly in countries where transnational communities of older generations of Bosnians and Herzegovinians have already been established, who had to leave the territory of BiH due to the war in the 1990s. The existence of transnational communities is considered a mitigating circumstance in choosing the next country, precisely because of certain advantages that that community brings. Established regular bus or air routes, the existence of cultural and artistic societies, restaurants and shops offering food produced in BiH, facilitated employment and visa requirements thanks to bilateral agreements signed between countries are the most common reasons contributing to the decision to move to the aforementioned countries. Looking at trans-nationality in a broader sense, we come to a more specific subcategory, a community that brings together in the host city all those who are from one specific city in the country of origin.

Do trans local communities help BiH’s citizens in the easier integration into the society of the host country? Do they help them fight the nostalgia which is ubiquitous in the first months of life in the new place?

Both Senior and EDVACAY fellow Amra Mešić, Senior Fellow Nikolina Sladojević and EDVACAY fellow Iva Ivanković plan to conduct the research through organizing several discussions on the topic in the form of a dialogue with members of trans local communities abroad, which will provide insight into why their members decided to migrate to a specific city, whether they felt the activities of trans local communities and in what sense. All conversations with individuals from the selected group of people will be recorded by a camera, and later used for the purposes of a video that will be shown during the promotion of the entire project.

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