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Sinti and Roma Holocaust Remembrance and Commemoration in The Netherlands.


As part of her Action Project, Georgeta focused on the Sinti and Roma Holocaust remembrance and commemoration in the Netherlands. In late 2019 and throughout 2020, she hosted a series of five commemoration events and round tables in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Attendees to the events not only included Roma and Sinti youth, but also Dutch participants.

“Through my work, I want to raise awareness about the ‘unknown Holocaust’ of the Roma and Sinti. This is part of the Dutch history and needs to be acknowledged and recognized.” – Georgeta Pintillie (2019 Amsterdam Fellowship).

The project aimed to raise awareness and share knowledge about the Roma and Sinti Holocaust in the Netherlands and Europe. Through her project work for an Amsterdam-based NGO, Georgeta was already engaged with the topic, but during the Humanity in Action Fellowship, she noticed that most people barely know about how these particular groups were affected during the Holocaust. 

Through her project, Georgeta wanted to raise awareness about the “unknown Holocaust” of the Roma and Sinti because is part of the Netherlands’ history and must be acknowledged and recognized. Georgeta cooperated with a number of stakeholders – Roma Utrecht, Vereniging Sinti, Roma en Woonwagenbewoners in Nederland and Roma Media Group – to increase awareness.

She helped establish dialogue and new contacts between local authorities and community members, as well as education through talks about the Roma Holocaust with students from Hogeschool Utrecht, and Roma and Sinti community members. This project was an ice-breaking initiative for many participants, where members of different communities came together, learned about their common history, and started sharing ideas and opinions.

Georgeta hopes that these events will continue: “There is a need for similar activities and initiatives, which can improve communication and break prejudices and negative stereotypes.”