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Mask Out


The results of the OSCE survey “Women’s Welfare and Security in BiH” showed that almost half of women aged 15 or more survived some form of abuse, including violence by a partner. Given the consequences of the conflicts women face, the OSCE considers these figures worrying in light of a situation such as the COVID-19 pandemic. With the introduction of measures of social distancing, people were encouraged to stay at home, and the probability of the risk of gender-based violence and violence in intimate relationships increased. Women have less contact with relatives and friends who could provide them with support and protection from violence. The challenges of subsistence and the possibility of earning a living, which also affects women (many of whom have unofficial sources of income), have reduced access to basic needs and services, increased stress among family members, with a potential increase in conflict and violence.

Looking for ways to actualize the issue of domestic violence during the pandemic and beyond, we looked for new and creative ways and possibilities. We chose a mural as the medium through which we want to convey our messages, taking into account the universality of art as a tool.

In order to prevent domestic violence against women during crisis, EDVACAY fellows Nikola Kandić, Mersiha Čomor, Nedim Mandžuka and Lamija Čelik aim to raise citizens’ awareness by painting a large mural in cooperation with the artist and Senior fellow Kerim Hodžić (John Lewis Fellowship 2020) at a central city location in Sarajevo. Along with Kerim Hodžić, a team of young Sarajevo based artists contributed to the painting of the mural: Džavid Berberović, Imran Muratagić, Emina Perla, Maja Živko and Thomas Perić. The planning of the production and the drawing of the mural was accompanied by the production of video content in which experts in the field of prevention and monitoring of gender-based violence presented the data at their disposal, and it will serve as additional content to promote the idea.

Project objectives:

  • Prevention of violence against women in the household during crisis situations and beyond
  • Raising awareness of the existence of violence against women within family and partnership relationships
  • Raising awareness of violence against Roma women and women on the move
  • Removing the stigma of responsibility from the victim of domestic violence
  • Calling for action and organizing in local communities
  • Promotion of young artists


This project is generously supported by: