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Martin Luther King Day


Senior Fellow Aletta de Savornin Lohman has always been interested in the major figures of the black Civil Rights Movement. She saw her completion of this Action Project as the perfect opportunity to expand her knowledge and offer a platform to people who she considers to be inspiring.

Aletta was motivated to take action and spark change after she noticed that there was a lack in progress made in the Netherlands since Dr. King’s death and a rise in anti-black sentiment. Aletta worked with Senior Fellow Nikki Niland to organize an event called Martin Luther King Day.

This event is a tribute to the incredible work of Martin Luther King Jr. They invited black activists and created a space in which they could discuss their struggles and everyone could learn about the presence of racism and what their role can be to fight it.

Aletta exclaimed that, “they had a lot of help from Humanity in Action since we organized the annual event. It was mostly about arranging a venue, finding suitable speakers and structuring the programme properly so we would not go over time.”

Aletta and Nikki hope that this event sparked open dialogue about what we can do as a society to continue to move forward in our fight for equality. This project is over, but these Senior Fellows are looking forward to helping organize the event in the following years and to continue to watch it grow.  Learn more on their website here.