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De-Isolation Hackathon


EDVACAY Fellows Hana Sarajlić and Vanna Ćurin (generation 2019/20), who had previously implemented another civic campaign called “Just Another Day” in 2020, decided to do a follow-up project. Armed with last year’s knowledge they acquired on negative effects of social isolation on members of marginalized social groups, such as people with mental disorders, LGBTQI+ people, and people with development disabilities, the team decided to now have a broader social group as a target group of their project – not only the people who do not fit into the imposed societal norms of ‘normalcy’ because of their diagnosis or lifestyle, but also all those who experienced the feeling of isolation, loneliness, and insufficient support as a result of the pandemic.

The main idea is to bring together all the people online for a 5-6 hours-long Zoom workshop, who have trapped feelings of depression, anxiety, discomfort, or any other negative emotion related to the pandemic and allow them to express themselves creatively and shape it into a text, song, painting, photograph, or any other form of creation. The final products will be published and promoted through
the project website and social and traditional media which will allow project’s ideas to reach a wider audience and hopefully bring people closer to each other in the times of crisis. Unlike their last project in which the pandemic was used as a metaphor for a wider social problem, in this project the focus is precisely on the negative consequences of the physical, and thus mostly the social isolation that is encouraged by the pandemic.