Action Projects

Our community takes action to defend democratic values around the world. Explore our Fellows' Action Projects here.

In the 11 months following the on-site Fellowship program, our Fellows work on their Action Project: an independent venture focused on promoting democratic values in their own communities. Action Projects are as diverse as Humanity in Action Fellows. Fellows apply their new knowledge and perspectives to the communities they impact—in whatever format they find meaningful. The Humanity in Action community is a great resource for getting support—be it with contacts, experience or good advice.

Queering Health Resources for the Spanish-Speaking Community

Athens, GA | 2019

Laurel Hiatt

Laurel Hiatt partnered with Equitas Healthcare to translate LGBT health documents into Spanish, as this intersectional community is often under-served.

Queering Health Resources for the Spanish-Speaking Community

Berlin | 2018

Esra Karakaya

Senior Fellow Esra Karakaya hosts an online talk show BlackRockTalk, discussing social phenomenas and global experiences from a youthful and intellectual perspective.

Intersectionality in Danish Preschools

Copenhagen | 2018

Malte Breiding Hansen

Senior Fellow Malte Hansen developed Intersectional Teaching Practices for Humanity in Action Denmark's Teacher Academy in 2018.

Intersectionality in Danish Preschools
Intersectionality it: the Movement to end Gender Based Violence


Cameron Kinker

Senior Fellow Cameron Kinker worked with students on campuses across the United States to implement awareness-raising campaigns on the intersectionality of gender-based violence.

Poster Presentation One Love
How to be an Ally? Videos for Dialogue and Action

Northfield, MN | 2017

Gage Garretson, Merve Mert

Senior Fellows Gage Garretson and Merve Mert created a collaborative video series aimed at opening sustained dialogue and providing practical opportunities for allyship on college campuses.

Updating Boston College Law School's Non-discrimination Policy

Boston | 2017

Sean Patrick McGinley

Seeking to create a space of legal protection for all genders, Senior Fellow Sean Patrick McGinley petitioned Boston College Law School to implement a gender-inclusive non-discrimination policy.

Gender and Identity

Konstanz | 2017

Gerlinde Theunissen

Senior Fellow Gerlinde Theunissen led a discussion and film screenings on the topic "Gender and Identity" in order to think about and raise awareness of gender inequality in Germany.

Gender and Identity
I Want Things to be Different in BiH

Tuzla, Zenica, Sarajevo | 2014

Aldin Vrškić

Stories of individuals (students) who overcame different obstacles despite being labeled as 'different' by the society

Featured Action Project

  • The NET Mentoring Group

    The NET Mentoring Group is a Boston-based organization founded by Senior Fellow Jamal Grant that aims to narrow the opportunity gaps in STEM education for young inner-city students. The project received a grant through one of our alumni grant competitions.

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