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Hospitality Initiative (Inicjatywa Gośc-inność)


Nina Bilal (Łazarczyk)

Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Nina Lazarcyzk created educational cooking workshops called Hospitality Workshops (GośćInność) dedicated for the youth, run by migrants and refugees in order to bring people together.

Hospitality Initiative
A Listening Experiment / Ein Zu(g)hör-Experiment: Berlin-Wrocław-Berlin

Berlin, and Wrocław, Poland | 2017

Claire Luzia Leifert, Levke Jana Burfeind

After participating in an active listening experiment, Senior Fellows Claire Luzia Leifert and Levke Burfeind were inspired to co-organize their own Active Listening workshop and Free Listening Flashmob in the market square of Wrocław, Poland.

A Listening Experiment
Empowering Victims to Report Hate Speech in Poznan, Poland

Poznan | 2016

Grazyna Baranowska

Empowering Victims to Report Hate Speech in Poznan, Poland was created by Senior Fellow Grazyna Baranowska in which she organized for a number of volunteers to be trained in identifying and reporting hate speech as well as in offering immediate support to victims of such.

Conflict Kitchen (Kuchnia Konfliktu)

Warsaw | 2016

Paulina Milewska, Jarmiła Rybicka, Maciej Kuziemski

Conflict Kitchen (Kuchnia Konfliktu) is a socially-involved restaurant co-created with refugees which serves dishes from those regions which are currently in the midst of war.

Space & Memory: The Presence of Jewish Absence in Poland's Contemporary Landscape


Łukasz Posłuszny, Michelle Shofet, Marissa Sophia Schneiderman

Humanity in Action Senior Fellows Łukasz Posłuszny, Michelle Shoft, and Marissa Sophie Schneiderman created this project, sought to re-conceptualize the ways of remembering the war and the Holocaust, and to discuss social aesthetics of monuments and alternative forms of memory in the context of trauma, and on the other hand it also promoted tolerance among young people and a desire to fight anti-Semitism.

Learning Assistance for Warsaw’s Roma Children

Warsaw | 2016

Jarmiła Rybicka

Learning Assistance for Warsaw’s Roma Children gives Polish Roma children attending primary and secondary schools in Warsaw the opportunity to improve their knowledge level and learning skills through individual tutoring.

Learning Assistance for Warsaw’s Roma Children
Against Urban Antisemitism: Restoring the Local Jewish Presence

Wroclaw and Warsaw | 2016

Jan Kirschenbaum

Senior Fellow Jan Kirschenbaum aspires to combat nationalist prejudice and Antisemitism in Poland by stressing and making public the contributions of the Jewish community to the past and present of the country through his Action Project "Against Urban Antisemitism: Restoring the Local Jewish Presence".

Against Urban Antisemitism


Sylwia Vargas

#GirlPowerAcademy is a project launched by #MamyGlos, which sought to educate and empower Polish girls to stand up, and to speak up regarding feminism and female empowerment.