Action Projects

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Orange the World - Haarlem

Haarlem | 2019

Alida Lianne Cluistra

Orange the World - End Violence against Women was a campaign that Senior Fellow Alida Lianne Cluistra coordinated with partners in Haarlem.

Short Film: "Thin Ice"

The Hague | 2018

Tamar Guttmann

"Thin Ice," a short film addressing the increasing fear of terrorism and the consequential prejudicial discrimination.

Thin Ice
Martin Luther King Day

Amsterdam | 2018

Aletta de Savornin Lohman, Nikki Niland

in 2018, Senior Fellows Aletta de Savornin Lohman and Nikki Niland helped Humanity in Action Netherlands commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy.

18_Martin Luther King Day
'All for Hungary' Documentary

Miskolc, Budapest | 2014

Swaan van Iterson

Senior Fellow Swaan van Iterson interviewed and filmed a documentary about Hungarian university students who support the country’s far right Jobbik party.

All for Hungary
Geert Spreekt Niet Voor Mij ("Geert Does Not Speak For Me")

Rotterdam | 2014

Spencer Heijnen

A campaign enabling people in the Netherlands to distance themselves from Geert Wilders' xenophobic views using an iconic wristband and social media.

Geert Does Not Speak For Me
Martin Luther King Day

Amsterdam | 2014

Ufuk Kâhya, Bertine Moenaff, Cor van der Leemputten

In 2014, three Dutch Senior Fellows collaborated to explore Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy within the context of current Dutch society.

Martin Luther King Day
State Surveillance: Necessary Evil or 1984?

Amsterdam | 2013

Corinne Cath

Senior Fellow Corinne Cath convened a panel on the state of surveillance, the modern surveillance state and whether 2084 will be an Orwellian nightmare or Facebook's online dream.

A Piece of Mine

Kfar Hayarok | 2012

Tamar van Gelderen

Senior Fellow Tamar van Gelderen undertook a educational photography project exploring personal, social and national identities among the youth of a socially and culturally diverse Israel.