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Our community takes action to defend democratic values around the world. Explore our Fellows' Action Projects here.

In the 11 months following the on-site Fellowship program, our Fellows work on their Action Project: an independent venture focused on promoting democratic values in their own communities. Action Projects are as diverse as Humanity in Action Fellows. Fellows apply their new knowledge and perspectives to the communities they impact—in whatever format they find meaningful. The Humanity in Action community is a great resource for getting support—be it with contacts, experience or good advice.

Last Days in Dilley - Visual Reflection for Community Driven Advocacy Against Refugee Detention


Aseem Mehta

Last Days in Dilley utilizes a combination of short documentary videos, community organizing, and public presentations, in order to elevated attention and facilitated the creation of resource networks to confront the mass incarceration and deportation of Central American refugee families by the US Department of Homeland Security.

16_Last Days in Dilley
Humanizing the Refugee Experience

Middlebury, VT | 2017

Anna Linh Müller, Daniel Buchman

Workshops in local classrooms for high school students about some of the hardships faced by forcibly displaced individuals around the world.

The Refugees


Sara Ridder

Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Sara Ridder collaborates with young refugees living in Denmark to tell their story.

Radio Transit

Athens | 2016

Nefeli Myrodia

The Radio Transit is a tool for free expression that connects refugees inside camps and hosting facilities with the rest of the world.

Radio Transit
To Those Who Die at Our Borders (Den Sterbenden an unseren Grenzen)

Hannover | 2016

Armin Wühle

A photo series, embedded in an online-project, that raises awareness for the continuing humanitarian crisis at the EU-borders

Conflict Kitchen (Kuchnia Konfliktu)

Warsaw | 2016

Paulina Milewska, Jarmiła Rybicka, Maciej Kuziemski

Conflict Kitchen (Kuchnia Konfliktu) is a socially-involved restaurant co-created with refugees which serves dishes from those regions which are currently in the midst of war.

Hands of Gold

Gaziantep | 2016

Fahira Brodlija

Sewing classes held by refugee widows for the beneficiaries of the Gaziantep Care and Rehabilitation Center for Syrian Widows

ROMA – A Discussion of Diversity and the Treatment of Minorities


Sahra-Josephine Hjorth Petersen

Senior Fellow Sahra Josephine Hjorth created ROMA – A Discussion of Diversity and the Treatment of Minorities, which is an online course that teaches about structural racism and contemporary discrimination of Roma people in Europe as well as about the dreams and expectations of Roma youth.

Featured Action Project

  • The NET Mentoring Group

    The NET Mentoring Group is a Boston-based organization founded by Senior Fellow Jamal Grant that aims to narrow the opportunity gaps in STEM education for young inner-city students. The project received a grant through one of our alumni grant competitions.

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