Action Projects - Germany

Inspiring young people to take action in their communities around the world

BME Student Empowerment Workshops

London | 2018

Alia Schwelling, Yaşar Ohle

Empowerment workshops for Black and PoC students at SOAS to tackle issues arising from structural racism on the SOAS University London Campus.

Empowerment, Women

Dresden, Berlin, Cologne | 2018

Sarah Robinson

Sistas'Collective is a website aiming at connecting and sharing information on local inititives by and for Black women* & Women of Color (WoC) in Germany.

Fair Opportunities in Application Processes


Tim Robert Schleicher

Fair Opportunities in Application Processes (Ehrenamtlicher Bewerbungscheck) fosters equality of opportunity by checking application documents and giving essential feedback online, for free, within 24 hours.

Flight and Migration, Societies in Transition

Berlin | 2017

Mohamed Karam Yahya

A project seeking to reach out the migration issue from a closer perspective, and to interrelate the newcomers with forums and seminars on the topic.

Kassel Postcolonial

Kassel | 2017

Eric Otieno

Kassel Postkolonial is a local decolonial memory project that offers a new perspective on history, globalization & and contemporary life in the German city of Kassel.

Kassel Postkolonial
Gender and Identity

Konstanz | 2017

Gerlinde Theunissen

Senior Fellow Gerlinde Theunissen led a discussion and film screenings on the topic "Gender and Identity" in order to think about and raise awareness of gender inequality in Germany.

Gender and Identity
To Those Who Die at Our Borders (Den Sterbenden an unseren Grenzen)

Hannover | 2016

Armin Wühle

A photo series, embedded in an online-project, that raises awareness for the continuing humanitarian crisis at the EU-borders

The "Wave of Smears“ in 1959/1960

Hamburg | 2015

Anton Guhl, Gülay Gün

The "Wave of Smears“ in 1959/1960 is a project that aims to raise awareness of covert Antisemitism, educate about the history of hateful graffiti, and develop teaching materials in Hamburg.

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  • Miman’s Story

    Multi-media educational materials about Gadjé-racism (anti-Roma racism) to accompany the documentary film and transmedia project “with WINGS and ROOTS”

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  • Pull The Brake on Discrimination Against Roma was a large-scale awareness campaign fighting Antiziganism / hatred towards Roma in Europe.


  • Return of the Nazi’s or Childrens Scribbles?

    The "Wave of Smears“ in 1959/1960 in the city of Hamburg illustrated how latent Antisemitism can escalate in a democratic society within a few days. This project raises awareness of covert Antisemitism, educates about the history of hateful graffiti in Hamburg and develops teaching materials.


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