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Inspiring young people to take action in their communities around the world.

In the 11 months following the on-site Fellowship program, our Fellows work on their Action Project: an independent venture focused on promoting democratic values in their own communities. Action Projects are as diverse as Humanity in Action Fellows. Fellows apply their new knowledge and perspectives to the communities they impact—in whatever format they find meaningful. The Humanity in Action community is a great resource for getting support—be it with contacts, experience or good advice.

The Ghoul Exhibition — Guns, Performance, and Social Justice

Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Austin | 2016

Héctor Pascual Álvarez

Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Héctor Álvarez created The Ghoul Exhibition in order to merge performance and social engagement in an artistic response to the unfolding tragedy of gun violence in the United States.

Bridging the Hispanic Achievement Gap

Portland, OR | 2016

Esmeralda Herrera

Bridging the Hispanic Achievement Gap created a class curriculum that combines Latino heritage, Spanish, English, and essay writing to help bridge the Hispanic Achievement Gap in high school.

ROMA – A Discussion of Diversity and the Treatment of Minorities


Sahra-Josephine Hjorth Petersen

Senior Fellow Sahra Josephine Hjorth created ROMA – A Discussion of Diversity and the Treatment of Minorities, which is an online course that teaches about structural racism and contemporary discrimination of Roma people in Europe as well as about the dreams and expectations of Roma youth.

Martin Luther King Day

Amsterdam | 2014

Ufuk Kâhya, Bertine Moenaff, Cor van der Leemputten

In 2014, three Dutch Senior Fellows collaborated to explore Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy within the context of current Dutch society.

Martin Luther King Day
Tanforan: From Internment Center to Shopping Mall

San Francisco | 2012

Joseph Kolker, Stephanie Chang

Tanforan: From Internment Center to Shopping Mall is a documentary film about a shopping mall in California called Tanforan, which served as a temporary internment camp for Japanese-Americans from the Bay Area during their forced relocation in WWII.

Poland for All


Sarah Grunberg, Paulina Kasprowicz

Poland for All is a short film intended to communicate the positive changes in society as a whole and show the youngest Poles of different origins.

Poland for All
Excavating Atlanta: A Podcast Series


Virginia Spinks

Senior Fellow Virginia Spinks created Excavating Atlanta, a podcast series which explores the history and residual effects of structural inequality in the City of Atlanta.

Healthcare as a Right: Unheard Voices

Berlin, Germany and Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Aditya Mittal

Senior Fellow Aditya Mittal is committed to highlighting the often overlooked perspective of refugees’ and their experiences with healthcare in communities in Germany and Pennsylvania.

Healthcare as a Right: Unheard Voices

Explore Action Videos

  • Miman’s Story

    Multi-media educational materials about Gadjé-racism (anti-Roma racism) to accompany the documentary film and transmedia project “with WINGS and ROOTS”

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  • Pull The Brake on Discrimination Against Roma was a large-scale awareness campaign fighting Antiziganism / hatred towards Roma in Europe.


  • Return of the Nazi’s or Childrens Scribbles?

    The "Wave of Smears“ in 1959/1960 in the city of Hamburg illustrated how latent Antisemitism can escalate in a democratic society within a few days. This project raises awareness of covert Antisemitism, educates about the history of hateful graffiti in Hamburg and develops teaching materials.


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