Action Projects - Denmark

Inspiring young people to take action in their communities around the world

Intersectionality in Danish Preschools

Copenhagen | 2018

Malte Breiding Hansen

Senior Fellow Malte Hansen developed Intersectional Teaching Practices for Humanity in Action Denmark's Teacher Academy in 2018.

Intersectionality in Danish Preschools
Global Health on the Streets of Aarhus

Aarhus | 2017

Simon Bruun Bech

Senior Fellow Simon Bech biked around Aarhus, Denmark with a trailer in tow to spread awareness of the social aspects to global health issues while funding field work by MSF.

SHE Talks

Lagos | 2017

Faith Oloruntoba

Always passionate about women and girls' rights, public health and social justice, Senior Fellow Faith Oloruntoba came up with a sex education campaign program encouraging young Nigerian teenage girls to talk freely about "taboo" topics relating to sexual health.

Det Turkise Telt ("The Turquoise Tent")

Aarhus | 2017

Cagdas Citirikkaya

Det turkise telt’ is a Danish-Turkish arts and music festival that takes place annually during Aarhus Festuge, created by Senior Fellow Cagdas Citirikkaya.

det turkise telt
Trampoline House visits Roskilde University - Why do we need an asylum system in Denmark?

Copenhagen | 2017

Julian Lo Curlo, Federico Jensen

Senior Fellows Julian Lo Curlo and Frederico Jensen brought the experiences of recent newcomers to Denmark to Roskilde University.

Trampoline House
The Refugees


Sara Ridder

Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Sara Ridder collaborates with young refugees living in Denmark to tell their story.

ROMA – A Discussion of Diversity and the Treatment of Minorities


Sahra-Josephine Hjorth Petersen

Senior Fellow Sahra Josephine Hjorth created ROMA – A Discussion of Diversity and the Treatment of Minorities, which is an online course that teaches about structural racism and contemporary discrimination of Roma people in Europe as well as about the dreams and expectations of Roma youth.

Theresienstadt - Danish Children in Nazi Captivity

Copenhagen | 2013

Solvej Berlau

A documentary film and interactive, educational website with teaching materials and ideas for incorporating first-hand accounts into Danish World War II education.

Theresienstadt - Danish Children in Nazi Captivity