Action Projects - Bosnia & Herzegovina

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BiH in Motion

Banja Luka, Jajce, Mostar, Sarajevo | 2019

Alma Mujanović

Connecting promotion of sign language with the promotion of sights and most popular tourist destinations in BiH

Hate Speech in Sports

Sarajevo | 2019

Documentary film aims to help in understanding of the hate speech phenomenon, and reducing its rates in sports

Heroes from the Shadow

Sarajevo | 2019

Dr. Svetlana Broz, Samir Beharić, Alma Mujanović

Personal stories of good deeds, advocacy for the community, and impact made on other persons lives told by the "actors" themselves

Talk to Me

Sarajevo, Bihać, Banja Luka, Visoko, Mostar, Tuzla | 2019

Interactive storytelling exhibition of photographs showing, comparing and contrasting the lives of children refugees from Middle East currently residing in BiH to lives of children refugees from BiH escaping the 90's war

Building Bridges: Crossing Entity Lines in Bosnia & Herzegovina


Mac Mugabo, Katelyn Powers, Eryk Gawroński, Rachel Forster

New Approaches to Reconciliation among New Generations in BiH is a film that shows the perspective of young people in Bosnia & Herzegovina on what they think of reconciliation and mobility.

Break the Cycle

Sarajevo | 2019

Catherine Campbell, Berina Porča, Shana Merrifield, Ismihana Čizmedžić

Break the Cycle is an event to raise awareness about the access to rights for those who suffered sexual violence during the war in Bosnia.

Students Against Corruption

Sarajevo | 2019

Amina Pirić, Victoria Thorsen, Nikolas Slackman, Alma Hasanbegović

Students Against Corruption campaign focused on tackling anticorruption and accountability in universities throughout Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Navigating the Murky Media Waters

Sarajevo | 2019

Noor Evers, Bişenk Ergin, Lejla Bašić, Julie Arnfred Bojesen

Media Literacy is a board game created by Senior Fellows Bişenk Ergin, Noor Evers, et al. meant to bring the topic of media literacy to young people by mixing fun games and education, teaching them how to navigate through murky media waters.