Our Mission

Humanity in Action is a trans-Atlantic non-profit that aims to instill the values of human dignity and moral responsibility for the rights of the vulnerable in a new generation of social, cultural and political leaders by:

  • Engaging student leaders in histories of resistance to institutionalized violations of minority rights in democratic countries;
  • Promoting the growth and development of young professionals dedicated to human dignity and the rights of minorities;
  • Building a multi-national, intergenerational network of present and emerging leaders in diverse professional fields who share these commitments.

Humanity in Action believes that an important test of a genuine democracy is how it treats its vulnerable communities, and that the commitment to democratic values and pluralism cannot be taken for granted in Europe and the United States.

Therefore, HIA seeks to engage younger generations in histories of resistance and to inspire them to fulfill their moral responsibilities to support those in danger from institutionalized violations of minority rights. It seeks to strengthen the commitment of American and European university students to democratic values and foster their knowledge of resistance to intolerance—past and present.