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A central part of Humanity in Action's mandate is to serve as a resource for established and emerging leaders who are committed to advancing human and minority rights. As such, Humanity in Action has published a number of books and produced a film to educate and inspire individuals to action. Below, you will find information on all of our print and video publications.  

Reflections on the Holocaust

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The first book published by Humanity in Action, Reflections on the Holocaust is a collection of essays from Humanity in Action Fellows, Senior Fellows, Board members and lecturers from 1997 to 2010. Each essay in this volume reflects upon the difficult necessity of understanding, teaching and memorializing the Holocaust. In addition, the essays consider our responsibility, as citizens living in democratic societies, to draw moral and ethical lessons from the Holocaust, as well as other mass genocides. The volume’s 12 essays do not set out to find answers. Instead, in the spirit of Humanity in Action, they challenge the reader to ask questions, to think critically and to act courageously. The volume highlights the dangers of standing by, tolerating injustice and turning a blind eye. Reflections on the Holocaust was edited by Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Julia Zarankin. Click here to learn more and request a copy of the book.

Key contributors: Julia Zarankin, Werner Design Works, Konstanty Gebert, Ed van Thijn

Two Trees in Jerusalem


"They simply wanted to be normal in a time when normality was 'out to lunch,' as my mother would say." Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen in her touching account, Two Trees in Jerusalem, tells about the resistance of her parents, Donata and Eberhard Helmrich, against the horrors of National Socialism. For them it was normal to help persecuted, hunted Jews, and save as many lives as they could. Their unfaltering personal courage shows, that even in times of dictatorship and murderous regimes, it is possible to save lives. The Israeli Memorial site in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, honored them as "Righteous among the Nations" each with a tree. These two trees commemorate the courageous German couple, the Helmrichs. Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen is a former member of German Bundestag, the former Federal Commissioner for Foreigner's Affairs, and is Chair Emeritus of Humanity in Action Germany. To purchase this book directly from Humanity in Action, please contact

Author: Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen

Shifting Paradigms: Humanity in Action Senior Fellows on Policy and Pluralism Across Borders

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Shifting Paradigms is a volume of diverse articles on cross-border policy and pluralism written by Humanity in Action Senior Fellows. Paradigm shifts occur when the usual and accepted ways of doing or thinking are found to no longer be fit for purpose. The rapid onslaught of new challenges the international order has faced in recent years make many feel that history is accelerating, leaving established ways of doing things in its wake. New answers are needed as the world again enters a period of turbulence. The authors of this richly varied collection of articles on policy and pluralism across borders are singularly qualified to help in this search for answers. Their perspectives and analyses demonstrate a nuanced ingenuity that today’s policymakers are often sorely missing. They bear the potential to steer policy discussions in directions that are democratic, inclusive, and sustainable.

Contributors:  Aasha M. Abdill, Robert Alvarez, David Bargueño, Anthony Chase, Pelin Ekmen, Johannes Lukas Gartner, Usra Ghazi, Judith Goldstein, Carly Goodman, Katie Hahn, Lauren Reese, Iulianna Romanchyshyna, Noam Schimmel, Thijs van Lindert

Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity

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Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity is a collection of essays from the Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship. The authors convened in Washington, Paris and Brussels in 2014 to study issues of international relations and global diversity. This selection of research essays spans a wide range of subjects: humanitarian intervention in Libya, sexuality-based asylum in the European Union, Qatar’s diplomatic and investment strategies, the growing divide between Russia and the West, ecological approaches to international relations and more. Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity was edited by Anthony Chase. 

Contributors:  Bastiaan Bouwman, Anthony Chase, Daphné Joseph-Gabriel, Johannes Lukas Gartner, Judith Goldstein, Jessie Landerman, Giselle Lopez, Ava Morgenstern, Jake Nelson, Fabiana Sofia Perera, Kyle James Rohrich, Jessica Wamala

Humanity in Action: Collected Essays and Talks

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This 2014 book consists of nine short works written by Humanity in Action Founder Judith S. Goldstein. The essays touch on a range of subjects – from Anne Frank to Stefan Zweig, Jim Crow to European secularism, Jan Karski to Helene Burr. The pieces first appeared in journals and at conferences from 2003 to 2014. Together, they explore many of the subjects addressed during the Humanity in Action Fellowship. Humanity in Action: Collected Essays and Talks can be purchased on Amazon here. Click here to browse a list of all books authored by Judith S. Goldstein.

Key chapters: "The Myth of Anne Frank," "The Presence of the Past: Confronting the Nazi State and Jim Crow," "Reflections on Humanity in Action."

Civil Society and the Holocaust: International Perspectives on Resistance and Rescue

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In 2013, Humanity in Action Denmark held a conference in Copenhagen to mark the 70th anniversary of the flight and rescue of Danish Jewry. This book was published in association with the “October 1943” conference. The anthology examines how European societies dealt with the knowledge of the Nazi persecution of Jews in very different ways before, during and after the Holocaust. The volume features contributions from distinguished journalists and scholars, including Richard Breitman and Annette Wieviorka, who explore the actions and inactions of different groups during the Second World War. The essays highlight responses to the Holocaust in Paris, Berlin, Washington and elsewhere. This anthology is also available in Danish.

Key contributors: Anders Jerichow, Cecilia Felicia Stokholm Banke, Paul Larkin

Oktober '43: Danske jøders flugt til Sverige eller deportation til Theresienstad

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Also in association with Humanity in Action Denmark’s 2013 conference on the flight of Danish Jewry during the Second World War, this publication offers a collection of historical sources from the persecution of Danish Jews during September and October 1943. The collection of sources includes contemporary sources from the persecution of the Danish Jews. The many interviews explore the political considerations and decisions of Germany, Denmark and Sweden, the rescue mission across the Øresund strait and Sweden’s reception of the refugees. Oktober '43: Danske jøders flugt til Sverige eller deportation til Theresienstadt was published in commission with the University Press of Southern Denmark and is available for purchase here. The collection is in Danish.

Key contributors: Anders Jerichow (Editor)

John Lewis Fellowship Presentations

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In 2016, Humanity in Action published a collection of reflections written by the 2016 John Lewis Fellows. In the essays, the Fellows write about their experiences in the John Lewis program, delving into personal aspects of their own identities – such as national, ethnic, gender, racial, or religious – and reveal ways in which participation in the program has shaped their personal outlooks and perspectives on democracy and diversity. In the essays, the John Lewis Fellows also provide intellectual and personal responses – reactions and aspirations – in regard to the subjects and speakers presented throughout the program. Read the 2016 essays here.

Key contributors: 2016 John Lewis Fellows

Just People

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In 2011, Humanity in Action partnered with the acclaimed Dutch filmmaker Annegriet Wietsma to produce the organization's first film. Just People: A Quest for Social Souls with Independent Minds is a film essay that investigates the challenges and complexities of being an independent individual while cooperating in a social group. After the Second World War, generations have asked themselves: What would I have done, living there and then? The film reframes the haunting question and looks for answers in the present rather than in the past: How do I behave today, now and here, in a group, and as an individual? You can learn more and view the full film online here.

Key contributors: Annegriet Wietsma (Director)