Action Project Videos

A core element of Humanity in Action is the Action Project – a campaign, organization or initiative launched by one of our Fellows or Senior Fellows after the Humanity in Action Fellowship. Below, you will find videos on over 30 different projects from members of the Humanity in Action community. Projects vary greatly in subject, location and scope. Films were produced by Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Spencer Heijnen and Martijn Payens and are organized by type of project. The recent videos were produced by Senior Fellow Joel Vargas with voice overs from Senior Fellow Anna Duensing.

Advocacy • Arts • Education • History 

Advocacy Projects

My 100 Day Plans

Organized to directly counteract the first 100 days of the Trump Administration' White House, this civic engagement campaign sought to encourage small acts of resistance, rebuilding and recharging in the US for 100 days. Senior Fellows and Board members Michael Kunichika and Heather Lord along with a team of advocates and activists lead the campaign, which included a wide variety of topics and reached over 500,000 people.

By Michael Kunichika and Heather Lord

Empowering Victims to Report Hate Speech in Poland

Civic engagement workshops to identify and report hate speech in Poland. By Grazyna Baranowska

Girl Power Academy

Feminist initiative to empower teenage girls to stand up for themselves and against everyday sexism. By Sylwia Wodzińska 

Against Urban Anti-Semitism

A campaign to counter the anti-Semitic rhetoric and non-action of the Polish government that engaged over 600 people in the city of Wrocław and included a walking tour game, a book publishing, workshops on anti-discrimination, and more.

By Jan Kirschenbaum.

Against Urban Anti-Semitism from Humanity in Action on Vimeo.

Last Days in Dilley: Visual Reflection for Community Driven Advocacy Against Refugee Detention 

Visual reflection on community-driven advocacy to end the family detention of asylum-seeking immigrants.Space Memory Encounters. By Aseem Mehta

Space & Memory: The Presence of Jewish Absence in Poland's Contemporary Landscape

A multidisciplinary approach to reactivate spacial memorials of Poland's Jews. By Łukasz Posłuszny, Marissa Sophia Schneiderman and Michelle Shofet 

Reclaiming the Body Liberating the Mind: 21st Century Black Activism

A series of events at Duke University that gathered university students, particularly of African descent, to discuss and highlight the intersecting challenges the African Diaspora faces in the 21st century.
by Denzel Caldwell


Empowering Victims to Report Hate Speech in Poland

Civic engagement workshops to identify and report hate speech in Poland. By Grazyna Baranowska

Geert Spreekt Niet Voor Mij (Geert Does Not Speak For Me)

An advocacy campaign to combat xenophobic politics in the Netherlands. Learn more.
by Spencer Heijnen

Decent Housekeeping

A project to improve the working conditions of domestic workers in the Netherlands. Learn more.
by Floortje Anna de JongSigal Liberman and Ayla Murad 


Pull the Brake Against Roma Discrimination

A large-scale awareness campaign fighting Antiziganism / hatred towards Roma in Europe that deals with on- and offline methods. Learn more.

by Andrea Bila, Elma Orucevic, Arne Semsrott + Team 

Racial Profiling in France: Stop le Contrôle au Faciès

A campaign to improve police accountability, oppose racial profiling and provide tools for legal recourse in France

by Nabil BerbourKarim DerrouicheTara DickmanMadeleine JossBocar NianeMaelys Orellana and Fatah Sadaoui 

Arts and Culture Projects


Bringing issues of migration, diversity and inclusion "to the table", this workshop organized by Senior Fellow Nina Bilal seeks to educate youth and combat rising hate speech from youth toward Polish newcommers through cooking and food. Cooking classes taught by migrants from Algeria, Belarus, Georgia, Syria, Ukraine and more gave youth the opportunity to engage in the culture and stories of these individuals and to develop their own understandings of who migrants and refugees are.

By Nina Bilal

"The Ghoul Exhibition" - Guns, Performance and Social Justice

A one-man performance about the tragedy of gun violence, depicted through three, inspired by real-life, gun-related tragedies.

Indigenous Corps of Discovery

Curation of the Smithsonian portrait gallery with an indigenous re-telling of the United States presidential history.

"The Ghoul Exhibition" - Guns, Performance and Social Justice

A one-man performance about the tragedy of gun violence, depicted through three, inspired by real-life, gun-related tragedies.

Theresienstadt – Danish Children in Nazi Captivity

A documentary film and educational website on Holocaust survivors in Denmark. Learn more.
by Solvej Berlau

with WINGS and ROOTS

A transmedia project on migration and belonging through the stories of young people from immigrant families. Learn more.
by Christina Antonakos-Wallace


When I Fall Silent, Silent Falls the World

A project to raise awareness about Roma in Kosovo and Poland through the arts. Learn more.
by Johanne HoppstockAgnieszka SkonecznaMarta Sykut and Katarzyna Wrzesinska 


Det Turkise Telt (The Turquoise Tent)

An arts and music festival to build ties between the Turkish and Danish community in Denmark. Learn more.
By Cagdas Citirikkaya


À Juste Titre (As a Matter of Fact)

A short film on Islamophobia in French culture. See the film.
by Siham Amzile 



Education Projects 

The Optimist Project 

The Optimist Project is the initiative of Senior Fellows and Science Po Lyon alumni Laura Cahier and Lumir Lapray. This network counteracts dropout rates of students from lower socioeconomic, rural and innercity backgrounds in France by providing opportunities for trainings and workshops that support these students in securing professional employment and a mentorship program.

by Laura Cahier and Lumir Lapray

The NET Mentoring Group 

The NET Mentoring Group is a Boston-based organization founded by Senior Fellow Jamal Grant that aims to narrow the opportunity gaps in STEM education for young inner-city students.

by Jamal Grant

Bridging Communities 

Bridging Communities was developed by 2017 grant winner Amy Hong who, with a team of other activists and Senior Fellows, organized trainings on intercultural and non-violent communication to fight increasing polarization on topics of migration, integration and national identity with paths to healing and understanding. The project will release short films highlighting the experiences of six different minority groups in France in the fall of 2018.

by Amy Hong 

Miman's Story - with WINGS and ROOTS 

Miman’s Story is an action project developed by Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Christina Antonakos-Wallace and Lotti Schulz. Christina and Lotti created multi-media educational materials about Gadjé-racism (anti-Roma racism) to accompany the documentary film and transmedia project “with WINGS and ROOTS.” Learn more

by Christina Antonakos-Wallace and Lotti Schulz 


ROMA: A Discussion on Diversity and the Treatment of Minorities

“ROMA: A Discussion on Diversity and the Treatment of Minorities,” was an online course of lectures and discussions created by Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Sahra-Josephine Hjorth and CanopyLAB. The course focused on the treatment of the Roma people in Europe and drew important parallels to current migration crisis. CanopyLAB a platform for NGOs to engage youth in online learning and activism. 

by Sahra-Josephine Hjorth and CanopyLAB


Roman Medya 

Roman Medya was workshop that provided Turkish Roma NGO representatives with the necessary set of skills and knowledge to interact successfully with media representatives and to use media tools for strategic communication.

by Elif Çavuşlu, Beril Eski, and Pinar Sayan 

Anne Frank Project – Poznań

Anne Frank Project - Poznań summer school of tolerance and countering anti-Semitism for secondary school students.

by Sudip Bhandari and Łukasz Niparko

Learning Assistance for Roma Children

Learning Assistance for Roma Children is a grassroots tutoring service that seeks to support Roma youth in Warsaw's Praga District.

by Jarmiła Rybicka and Marysia Złonkiewicz


The Human Library

A program through 4YOUth Foundation for Supporting Youth Initiatives, which provides an opportunity for the local Polish and refugee and immigrant communities to learn from one another through personal interactions.
by Katarzyna Klimowicz

The Sistas Club

An organization dedicated to boosting the professional and academic success of young female students.
by Yolande Libene

MLK Day 2015

An annual that commemorates the legacy of Dr. King and encourages future activism in society’s most challenging issues.

by Nawal Mustafa and Sarah Asmelash


Diversity on the Other Side of the Wall: Muslims in Sofia

A seven-day workshop on multiculturalism in Bulgaria, with a focus on the Muslim presence in Sofia. Learn more.
by Pavlina Doublekova 

Pink Spectacles of Polish Communism: Queer Café

A series of presentations by experts on the role of the LGBT community in the People's Republic of Poland. Learn more.
by Mieszko Hajkowski

Toward Durable Solutions for Bosnia's Internally Displaced

A project to identify and recommend solutions for internally displaced individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Learn more.
by Aida Salčić and Chad Doobay 

Simulation Games: "Thawing the Freeze" & "Meeting of Perspectives"

Two simulation games to address issues in post-Soviet Moldova. Learn more.
by Zachariah Falconer-Stout

Youth Social Entrepreneurship School

A three-part training program to foster young entrepreneurs in Ukraine. Learn more.

by Iuliia Zemlytska

Return of the Nazi’s or Childrens Scribbles?

A project to raise awareness of covert Antisemitism, educate about the history of hateful graffiti in Hamburg and develop teaching materials. Download their teaching materials (in German) here. Learn more.

by Anton Guhl, Gülay Gün + Team

Return of the Nazi's or Childrens Scribbles? from Humanity in Action on Vimeo.


History Projects

Nagymama and I

Senior Fellow Mikaela v. Freiesleben retraces her grandmother's history from her childhood as a young Jewish woman who escaped and survived persecution in Sweden in a personal story and tribute.


The Sierra Leone Memory Project

An oral history project to collect the stories of those who survived the Sierra Leonean Civil War. Learn more.
by Joseph Kaifala and Liat Krawczyk 


Holocaust Identification Cards

A project to document the previously untold stories of five Holocaust victims from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Learn more.
by Inga Kotlo

Memory Walk

A workshop to encourage Bosnian youth to reflect critically on the monuments and contested histories in their environment. Learn more.
by Laura Boerhout and Lamija Landžo


Voices from Poland: The Polish Minority Perspective

An oral history project on ethnic minorities living in Poland. Learn more.
by Daniel Jezierski and David Liebers


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