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Humanity in Action France sponsors a series of programs for students, grassroots leaders, and members of business and civil society focusing on diversity and equal opportunity. Humanity in Action France pursues its main objectives through three different types of activities throughout the year:

Humanity in Action Fellowship

Audience: University students from France and the United States
Objective: To raise awareness of the history and contemporary issues of diversity in France, offering them the means to act

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European Trainings

Audience: European civil society
Objective: To raise awareness and develop tools on European issues related to diversity

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Trainings for professionnals

Audience: Grassroots leaders, elected officials, business leaders, institutionnal actors working with youth from the suburbs
Objective: To provide support to professionnals fighting against all kind of discrimination

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Support for the Senior Fellow Network

Trainings throughout the year
Audience: Participants to all the HIA programs
Objective: To provide the skills necessary for their projects aiming at reinforcing social cohesion in France

HIA internships
Audience: Alumni of the HIA Fellowship
Objective: To provide a rewarding experience in their field of interest

HIA < Network France
The alumni network created by French Senior Fellows

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