The John Lewis Fellowship


When: July 5 - July 30, 2017

Where: The Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia

Who's eligible: Students and recent graduates from universities in the United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and Poland.

The John Lewis Fellowship is a new Humanity in Action Fellowship program in Atlanta, Georgia. In partnership with The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Inc., Humanity in Action will bring together a group of 30 American and European university students and recent graduates for an intensive program about diversity and civil rights in America. The program honors Congressman John Lewis, an icon of the Civil Rights Movement. 

In its first two years, the program explored the history of the Civil Rights Movement, diversity and minority rights in Atlanta. In its third year, the John Lewis Fellowship is expanding to focus on restorative justice in Atlanta. The four-week inquiry and resulting blueprint for restorative justice will involve a multidisciplinary approach. Fellows, speakers and staff will produce a blueprint – "An Appeal for Human Rights and Restorative Justice" for the city. They will explore keys issues and subjects including education, health, the law, urban and residential planning, police practices, local and state government, religious institutions, and the arts. 

The John Lewis Fellows will attend discussions with renowned scholars and activists at The Center, visit historical sites around Atlanta and engage in discussions on a range of political and social issues. They will also draw upon the immense resources of The Center and contribute to its extensive and innovative outreach initiatives. As part of the program in 2016, Fellows produced a set of reflective essays, "John Lewis Fellowship Presentations," that explore Atlanta's history and contemporary issues challenging pluralistic societies.


The John Lewis Fellowship in Atlanta is the American program of the Humanity in Action Fellowship. The European programs take place annually in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Sarajevo and Warsaw. The John Lewis Fellowship is made possible by the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provided through The Center.