Humanity in Action Fellowship in Sarajevo

Program Description

The Humanity in Action Fellowship in Sarajevo will delve deep into the topics of transitional justice, post-conflict identity politics, peacebuilding and socioeconomic transformation in marginalized local communities. The City of Sarajevo, and other important historical sites in its surrounding, will serve as a unique case study of the rich history of multi-confessional urban living in Europe.

Academically well-rounded, the program will add diversity to the educational experiences and broaden the Humanity in Action program scope beyond Western Europe and the United States. It will provide Fellows with an intellectual framework that connects issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina to both past and current global issues. It will combine intense site visits, insightful lecture-style sessions with high level speakers and workshop-based learning units, which focus more on discussions and Fellow interactions. This combination of learning methods will allow Fellows to develop interpersonal relationships that solidify and strengthen the program itself.

By challenging Fellows’ perspectives on human rights issues, the program will aim to interrogate their own assumptions and encourage them to question their scope and depth of knowledge of multiculturalism; economic inequality; interfaith dialogue; post-conflict social apathy, social unrests, divided communities and social exclusions; growing trends of Islamophobia, Antisemitism and anti-outsider sentiments in the Balkans; resistance movements before, during and after the Second World War in Bosnia and in Yugoslavia; minority experiences and representations; progressive grassroots movements; the role of media and culture in a post-conflict setting; and civic resistance to various forms of institutionalized human rights violations. 

To learn more about the 2017 Sarajevo Fellowship, please click here.

2017 Fellowship

May 26

Arrival Day

Arrival of fellows from the United States, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Welcome dinner and drinks at the residence of Sarah Freeman Woolpert 

May 27

Day off

May 28

Introduction to the Program

  • Sarajevo "Crawl"
  • Introduction to the Program
  • Legacies of the Conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Fellow's Talk: Rachel Salcedo

May 29

Contextualizing Historical Narratives

  • Collective Memory of Mass Atrocities in BiH
  • Navigating the Post-Dayton Conundrums
  • Movie Screening ("Missing You...")
  • Fellow's Talk: Nikola Lero

May 30 

New Perspectives - Study Trip to Banja Luka

  • Departure (Zemaljski muzej - National Museum)
  • Political and Economic Restructuring in BiH
  • Talk with Gordana Katana
  • Dinner with local HIA Senior Fellows

May 31

White Armband Day - Study Trip to Banja Luka

  • Departure (Hotel Tesla, Banja Luka)
  • Talk with Kemal Pervanić
  • White Armband Day - walk through Prijedor

June 1

Consequences of Mass Violence on Marginalized Groups

  • Local Perceptions of the Role of the ICTY
  • IDPs and Returnees in BiH:
  • Documentary movie screening
  • Fellow's Talk: Jorinde van der Meijden
  • Fellow's Talk: Daria Vilušić

June 2

Seeking and Rendering Justice

  • Seeking Justice for Women War Victims
  • Learning from the Recovery and Identification of the Missing in B&H
  • Visit to the Prosecutor's office: Special Department on War Crimes

June 3 

Day off

June 4

Never Again: Remembering Srebenica

  • Departure (Zemaljski muzej - National Museum)
  • Visit to Srebrenica-Potočari Memorial Center

June 5 

Multi-Ethnic and Ethno-Political

  • The Yugoslav Powder Keg: Ethnopolitics
  • Democratic Representation in Multi-Ethnic States
  • Fellow's Talk: Sylwia Dimtchev

June 6 

Human Rights in a Consociational Democracy

  • Consociation in a Post-Conflict Society: A Recipe for Success?
  • Mosaic of Human Rights in BiH: Attainable, Segregated, Denied?
  • Psychodrama Workshop: Discrimination and Stereotypes
  • Fellow's Talk: Virginia Spinks

June 7 

Human Rights in a Multiconfessional Society

  • Establishing a Secular State in a Multiconfessional Society
  • Human Rights Protection at the State Level in BiH
  • Media Workshop
  • Fellow's Talk: Alia Schwelling

June 8

The Interplay of Civil Society and Policymaking

  • Visit to Al Jazeera Balkans Studio
  • Lecture on Socio-Economic Transformations in BiH
  • Civil Society Initiatives in BiH
  • Fellow's Talk: Ana Caldeira Beels

June 9

Economics and Development

  • Structural Economic Issues in Post-conflict BiH
  • Lecture on International Community's Involvement in Post-Conflict Reconstruction
  • Gathering with local youth and a barbecue at the Youth House

June 10 

Social Dialogue - Study Trip to Zenica

  • Departure (Zemaljski muzej - National Museum)
  • Visit to ArcelorMittal
  • Fellow's Talk: Aldin Vrškić

June 11

Day off

June 12 

Positioning and Agency 

  • Panel: Women in Politics
  • Civil Courage in Times of War and Peace
  • Workshop on Media Activism
  • Fellow's Talk: Lydia Ghuman

June 13 

In, Out and Around the System: Mobilizing Change

  • Bosnian Diaspora: Mobilization Abroad
  • Lecture by EU Delegation Representative
  • Fellow's Talk: Bono Siebelink
  • Fellow's Talk: Katrina Martell

June 14 

The Identity Gridlocks

  • Social Identities in (Post-) Conflict Societies
  • Rights and Freedoms of the LGBTQI Community
  • Interactive Workshop with Ivana Kešić
  • Fellow's Talk: Malte Breiding Hansen

June 15

A New Generation, A New Dialogue

  • Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina: a Retrospective
  • Interaction of Culture and Human Rights
  • Communication Skills Workshop
  • Fellow's Talk: Ella Tazuana Johnson

June 16

A House Divided - Study Trip to Stolac and Mostar

  • Visit to Radmlja and Stolac
  • Visit to United World College
  • Fellow's Talk: Vlatka Lučić
  • Tour of Old Town Mostar

June 17-19

Action Project Development

Fellows are expected to produce three major outputs to be displayed at the closing ceremony for the Fellowship on June 19:

June 19: 

Output 1: Reflective Essay

  • During their four weeks in Sarajevo, Fellows will write short (500-1000 words) essays on an issue they've observed during the fellowship. Those from outside of Sarajevo will be encouraged to write comparatively about how challenges in their home communities relate to the challenges they decided to address.

Output 2: Short Video

  • Fellows will make a short video (3-5 min) reflecting their personal impressions of the things they experienced or issues they've observed during the fellowship. It can be either a collection of testimonials of their friends from the program, lecturers, host-family members, people they meet on the streets of Sarajevo or during the educational site-visits etc. 

Output 3: Social Media Initiative or Campaign

  • Fellows will be encouraged to set up a social media group or a blog, or to create a hashtag (#) to raise awareness about a certain issue they've come across during the Fellowship. This will stimulate their mutual cooperation and boost their willingness to work together on joint Action Projects following the conclusion of the fellowship. Like in all other fellowship programs, the Fellows will also create project plans for Action Projects during the four weeks in Sarajevo and will execute the projects in their home communities upon return. 

Fellowship Closing Ceremony at 19:00

June 20

Day off

June 21

Travel to Berlin

June 22-25

Eighth Annual Humanity in Action International Conference in Berlin

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