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  • Dangerous Times

    February 23, 3017 If I could create a New Yorker cover, I would start with a thousand humongous question marks floating in the cosmos. Four weeks into this administration we find ourselves in dangerous space. Trump invades our hopes and homes as he throws us off balance—day by day—delivering the unexpected and unimaginable in the political realm. By a bizarre combination of intent… Read More

  • Hope and the Seeds of Democracy

    Judith S. Goldstein delivered this speech at the 2016 Humanity in Action New York Conference at The New School on October 22, 2016. Goldstein is the Founder and Executive Director of Humanity in Action, an international educational organization.  Humanity in Action is a non-profit and is non-partisan. That is our status, reaffirmed constantly by our board. However, we are meeting… Read More

  • Seeing America in Detroit

    In the early 20th century, Detroit held the key to the American Dream. Detroit was quintessentially American. The birthplace of the Model T represented the nation’s ambitions and spurred national progress through incredible industrial innovation. The automobile transformed the American landscape and ordinary ideas of property and community. The city’s contributions were hardly… Read More

    Detroit, Michigan
  • "Recipe" for Reconciliation: A Tale for Reparations

    Three hundred and fifty years of gradually intensifying colonization, interrupted by World War II, followed by “police actions” to regain control over Indonesia. Nearly 70 years later, neither side has a full account of what happened in 1945 - 1949. Scattered throughout Amsterdam are various Indonesian tokos and warungs, a leftover from the Dutch colonial history. The Netherlands… Read More

  • Gender, Identity and Human Rights Video

    Gender & Identity in the Global South  Week 1 – Gender, Identity and Human Rights There is no difference between sexual minorities struggle and other religious and ethnic minorities fighting for protection, recognition and equality. It is about the freedom to live a dignified life regardless of one’s sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion or… Read More

    Denmark 2015
    Lars Henriksen
  • Integration Illusion: The Dutch’s Black and White Schools

    Amsterdam, a city proud for its tolerant identity, faces a dilemma of segregation after two of its public schools controversially pointed out their need for more White Dutch students, in order to make the school atmosphere more inclusive and diverse. “Is this white enough for you” were the words printed across the shirts of young primary school students as they took to the streets… Read More

  • On Overcoming the Glass Ceiling

    Like many teenagers in The Netherlands, George Arakel wanted to make some money on the side. So he started working at a local supermarket until one day, he was dismissed from work permanently. The reason why? He wasn’t Dutch. This was George’s first job and unfortunately, it didn’t get much better from there. His second employer teased him constantly because of his foreign… Read More


    Ranim pulls her veil a little closer around her face as she opens the door. Her home is one of over 200 identical trailers spread across a grassy plot formerly known as Pipodorp (English translation is Clowntown), which currently hosts nearly 450 foreign refugees. She agrees to an interview, primarily because she is one of the only people in the center who is conversational in English - she… Read More

  • Prisons for Profit: Let’s Not Repeat the Same Mistake

    Shortsighted policy decisions to cut spending often cost the state more than it saves. That’s one of the lessons history teaches us, particularly when it comes to prisons for profit. In September 2011, Ohio completed the sale of Lake Erie Correctional Institution in Conneaut to the Corrections Corporation of America, the nation’s largest for-profit prison company. It was the first… Read More

    Cleveland, OH
  • The Art of Resistance: Artists and Black Identity in The Netherlands

    “Today the 100% came in!” exclaims Quinsy Gario as he greets us, having just completed a crowdfunding campaign for his own television show. Gario is a performance artist and spoken word poet mostly known for his campaign against the use of Zwarte Piet, a controversial children’s figure in the Netherlands. He is one of many young artists, contributing to a strong sense of Black… Read More